Salads & Sides


Sides are the perfect complement to any meal. Cajun Dusted Fries, Tater Tots, and House Chips will spice up your taste buds with their unique flavors of saltiness while Pork Skins bring back memories from when you were a child because they reminded you that there’s still good in this world–even if for just one second at a time! The side salad offers fresh produce alongside other options such as carrots & celery.

House Salad

You can never go wrong with a classic combination of bacon bits, croutons, and shredded jack cheese! Our Organic Spring Greens is the perfect addition to this dish. We also add tomatoes for their lycopene content which helps protect against heart disease or cancer-two diseases that affect millions each year. See, Tiebreakers is saving lives, one bite at a time.

Cheesesteak Salad

There is a reason why this cheesesteak salad has been recognized as one of the best in town. It’s not just because it includes some quality ingredients like seasoned grilled steak, tomatoes, and red onions that are fresh off the vine but also due to how they’re layered together on top of Organic Spring Greens with shredded cheddar jack cheese, bacon bits and croutons for an unforgettable experience – you won’t be able to get enough!

Grilled Chicken Salad

When you want a satisfying lunch that’s light and healthy, head over to Tiebreakers. We have an awesome grilled chicken salad with all sorts of toppings like cheddar jack cheese, tomatoes & cucumbers on a bed of Organic Spring Greens! You can even get our signature Buffalo Styled chicken if it suits your fancy!! Just ask your favorite server to spice it up.


Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Rasberry Vinaigrette, Garlic Parmesan Caesar, Thousand Island, Honey Mustard

Dressings are an essential part of any meal. We have your normal ranch, bleu cheese, and Italian dressings, and our balsamic vinegar offers a tangy kick. Then, our Rasberry vinaigrette will make sure you never want another salad again in life (or at least until next time). Then there’s also garlic parmesan caesar dressing which sounds mouthwatering; plus the honey mustard gives a nice touch making everything taste delicious.

Classic Caesar

The Classic Caesar is a delicious and lustful chopped salad that will make your taste buds go wild! Chopped Romaine is mixed with our homemade garlic Parmesan dressing, tomatoes and red onions among crunchy croutons. If you want to add some more protein we offer grilled chicken at $2 extra per order.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

When you’re craving a satisfying lunch that’s light and healthy, head over to Tiebreakers. We have our own homemade garlic parmesan Caesar dressing with croutons and parmesan cheese! The grilled chicken is served on top of chopped romaine lettuce covered in this amazing dressing – it’ll be hard not to eat all your veggies when they are mixed together so nicely.