Wings & Legs

Dry Rubs

You can’t go wrong with a spice rub. From salty to sweet, there’s something for everyone! Buffalo, Cayenne, Old Bay, Lemon Pepper, Salt & Vinegar, Jamaican Jerk, and Cinnamon Sugar will make your taste buds happy.


We don’t provide just any sauces – we provide an entire meal soaked in sauces. We have something for everyone! Our sauces include Honey Mustard, Beer Mustard, and our Classic BBQ sauce. We also offer a variety of unique flavors to satisfy any bud – from milder tastes like Mango Habanero or Carolina tangy gold bbq sauce all the way up through hot levels in flavor ranging from Siracha, Sweet Chili, Stingin’ Honey Garlic…choose wisely:

Honey Mustard, Beer Mustard, Honey BBQ, Classic BBQ, Bourbon BBQ, Teriyaki, General Tso’s, Sweet Chili, Stingin’ Honey Garlic, Carolina Tangy Gold BBQ, Mango Habanero, Buffalo(Mild, Medium, Hot or Fire), Chili Lime, Sweet Siracha,  Sriracha, Jalapeño Pepper Jelly 

Hand Breaded Boneless Wings

Beautiful, plump, and tender wings that are guaranteed not to disappoint. These succulent pieces of goodness will be a hit during your favorite game or get-together with friends! Hand-cut & breaded 

4 Wings- $7.00 

6 Wings- $8.00

8 Wings- $10.00

10 Wings- $12.00

12 Wings- $14.00

Traditional Wings

Tired of the same old wings? Then come try our five traditional wings with your favorite sauce, which will have you reaching back for another bite every time.

4 Wings- $8.00

6 Wings- $10.00

8 WIngs- $12.00

10 Wings- $15.00

12 Wings- $18.00  

20 wings-$30.00